Alex Jones: Ed Haas has just a lengthy list of great articles he has written in the last few years. I have found them to be very accurate, very informative and very even handed, and he's done some real journalistic work in the last few months. I am here looking in front of me of two FBI agent business cards. I'm looking at a letter from the US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation March 28, 2001, months before 9/11 to the individual that tried to go to them. I have a June 20 of 2001 letter here, with his name blacked out saying that they couldn't help it, and it's part and parcel, it isn't just this one report it's all these other people: FBI agents, flight school trainers, who said, embassy heads, the head of the defence language school in Monterey, California, saying they're gonna hijack Jets, they're gonna attack America they're terrorist and being told 'back off', 'shut up', 'stand down' and then they get fired or reprimanded or demoted. The people that blocked them got record cash bonuses in 2002. Alright. And we know the so-called hijackers were US government agents, we know they were taking part in a drill, decoys. You heard Steele, high level CIA analyst and field officer and the founder of what is modern Marine Corps intelligence telling you that he thought that, yeah, they were set up, they were on board the aircraft, remote control took control. That's what fits the evidence the closest. The official story is a complete lie. The truth is we don't know specifically right down to the fine details what they did on 9/11, we just know that they blew up the buildings, it's an inside job, those hijackers were US government agents, we know that the PNAC boys called for a new Pearl Harbour, I've prefaced this enough. This Ed Haas story is huge, we've go it up on right now and it's a story out of the Muckraker Report: 'Prior Knowledge of 9/11 Attacks Overheard in Hebrew' and, I guess what we should do, Ed, is in the next five minutes we've got, kind of nutshell it, and then in the next forty minutes that we've got together after that break we'll walk through the history of this and the phone calls you've made and the things you've done. Thanks for coming on and thanks for your courage because this is the type of story that will get you killed, I hope you know that.

Ed Haas: Yeah I'm well aware of that and I really appreciate the opportunity to come on your show and talk about it. In a nutshell a reader of the Muckraker Report contact -

AJ: Well first off tell us about Ed Haas, then we'll do that.

EH: I'm the editor of the Muckraker Report. I started the Muchraker Report in 2002 and you know, started out pretty much as a libertarian-type news commentary website and it's kind of evolved over the years and in this past year, you know, our readership has grown. We had a few articles that, you know, kind of spread around the Internet pretty quickly. The 'FBI: no hard evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to 9/11', was one back in June that, you know, really got a lot of attention because I had an FBI spokesman explain to me that the reason why 9/11 isn't mentioned on Bin Laden's most wanted poster is 'cause the FBI has no hard evidence connecting him to 9/11, which, you know, that's just another small piece in this entire 9/11 cover-up.

AJ: Exactly. Your name got out there, you got contacted six months ago, tell us what happened.

EH: Oh, I was contacted by a reader who said that she knew an Israeli that lived in New Jersey who had a lot of information, that nobody had been listening to him. I try to follow all them through; if somebody tells me of somebody that nobody's listening to I usually follow through. It took me a little bit of time. I finally did contact the individual, spoke to him on the phone on numerous occasions, had him hard-copy some documentation to me. You know, I approached this individual as if his story was BS. You know, that's how I had to kind of approach it is 'this guy might be a nutcase, let's follow through though and see if his story starts to have merit, and I reached a point where I felt as though this guy has some information based on his documentation and it smells like more cover-up to me, and once I received copies of the letters he had received from the FBI. Basically this individual overheard a conversation in a cemetery in New Jersey and it was spoken in Hebrew. He lives near the cemetery, he went to the cemetery to clip ivy for his garden, English ivy, he clips it, he puts it in water.

AJ: Yeah, you can root it by just sticking it in the ground, yeah.

EH: Exactly. So he was just out casually going about his business. This individual is a former member of the Israeli Defence Force, he's a veteran of the Yan Kippur War, he's in this cemetery, he overhears a conversation he believes to be spoken in Hebrew. That gets his attention. He's curious, he walks toward the conversation, he is getting close enough to confirm it's being spoken in Hebrew, he moves a little closer. The way the cemetery is set up, and I did research on the cemetery to confirm it, I mean this is sort of the stuff I did is confirm the cemetery exists.

AJ: Stay there, gotta break, Ed. We're gonna come back and go over what he heard and then he contacted the FBI and we've got the evidence he did indeed do that, and you've vetted at least that far. This is amazing. And I want to tell him now that he's talked to you and now that you've contacted the FBI, the globalists know who this guy is, he better go public right now; he is in grave danger.


AJ: Well we're honoured. This is the first radio interview Ed Haas has done on this story since he broke it this weekend. He's been working on it off and on the last few months, he first got on the trail six months ago. Okay, so he's in the cemetery behind a wall getting some clippings, that's where the English ivy grows, and he hears people in Hebrew, he gets up closer, they don't know he's there, what does he hear?

EH: Yeah, he moves closer and you're right; they don't know he's here and he confirms the conversation is being spoken in Hebrew and he overhears 'the Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September'. That's his quote. This is in October of 2000 he hears this conversation.

AJ: So that's many months before 9/11.

EH: Eleven months. Eleven months.

AJ:Amazing. Okay and did they say anything else after that or did he hear anything else?

EH: He said that actually it was two men leaning against a wall he sees a third, they're speaking in Hebrew, he sees a third pull up in a town car. When the third shows up that's when they get into the conversation where the quote is 'the Americans will learn what it is to learn with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September. One of the two men that had been at the meeting before the town car showed up, he had asked the individual in the town car, expressed some doubts about whether the upcoming election in November of 2000 between Bush/Cheney, Gore/Liberman could have any impact on their plans and the individual in the town car is quoted as saying 'don't worry, we have people in high places; no matter who gets elected they will take care of everything'. This is what the individual heard.

AJ: Amazing. And there's another quote in there about they can't believe how stupid the Arabs are.

EH: That's right, that's right, that they don't realise they're being used, which is, you know, this individual, the individual who overheard this, you know, as a former Israeli Defence Force member, he, I've spoken to him on numerous different occasions and he, you know, he definitely has an insight about how intelligence communities work, how governments work. He knew that he overheard something that was very very dangerous.

AJ: So you approached him how many months ago and developed a relationship with him?

EH: I probably made my first contact with him about three months ago. I had received some e-mail information from him. The first thing is he doesn't write English well and he doesn't speak English great, so I took some time. The truth is when I first got his stuff via e-mail and read it I kind of had a hard time understanding it because of his broken English. Reading his writing, it sounded, you know, uneducated or kind of nutty and I had to kind of work through all that in my mind.

AJ: When did you get the FBI agents' cards and letters from the Justice Department?

EH: I received that stuff, I actually got copies of this stuff from the individual a week and a half ago. They, these were the pieces of information that he said he had that I said well I have to see that stuff.

AJ: Okay so now you get them then you start making phone calls. That's when this gets scary, bring us to the next, because I'm looking, we've got these up on, they're up on

EH: Yeah, what made it so fascinating is, I mean, on November 22nd I decide 'okay, I'm going to start trying to confirm this guy's story'. Once I confirmed that the agents existed, I mean some of this stuff, you know, if you think about somebody making up a story, you know, identifying FBI agents isn't, you know, it's not like when you go on your local police force website they'll have pictures of all of the police officers, you know. The identity of agents is something that, you know, he would have had to go to great lengths to fabricate, so I thought 'well I'm going to confirm the agents' so I contacted the FBI North Division and I was able to confirm Agent Gritz who was one of the agents that the source says met with him on June 26, 2001.

AJ: Robin L Gritz.

EH: Robin L Gritz. And I was told by the FBI North Division... they transferred me to the legal unit and she asked if I could submit a request in writing, which I did; I wrote a letter, you know, just basically saying 'I r confirm whether Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel met with this individual on June 26, 2001. This individual says had overheard a conver -' , you know, I kind of brought them up to date about what I'm trying to do here. This guy said he overheard something in October, 2000 which is pretty compelling. I faxed a letter to the legal unit saying -

AJ: Stay there, we gotta break again, we come back we'll tell the rest of the story and give you some new details, folks.


AJ: Welcome back. Glad that you joined us today. Ed Haas, founder and editor of the Muckraker Report, founded in 2002 and we've been watching his work and posting a lot of it, done a lot of great work, has enjoyed a steady increase in readership over the years, with exponential growth occurring in 2006 and he is a great writer and done a lot of good journalistic work in this report and he's here with us today. Okay, so you're vetting, you're vetting, you're vetting, and so you send the letter that legal asked you to at the FBI there in New Jersey to tell you indeed if these two FBI agents met with this unnamed individual who you know now, this Israeli American who was in the Yan Kippur War who heard these people talking about in Hebrew in September when the twins get hit they'll know what it's like to live with terrorism and then the ensuing discussion about that. Please continue. You're still vetting the story.

EH: Right. What's so amazing about it is on, you know, Wednesday November 22nd I contact FBI North Division, on Friday November 24th I receive a phone call from the North Division confirming receipt of my letter, on Tuesday November 28th I receive a phone call from Cathy at FBI National Press Office. So it jumped from North Division Legal Unit to FBI Press Office National.

AJ: Oh yeah, they're not ignoring this like it was just some crazy they talked to a year ago or you know, no no, this is serious.

EH: Right. She says, Cathy informs me -

AJ: So a six plus year old case is being taken very serious.

EH: Right. She says I have to file a Freedom of Information Act request and I let her know what I thought of that, because, I mean that's a joke. So on Wednesday November 29th, this was the piece that made me say I'm writing this story. The day later I call directly to Agent Robin Gritz who allegedly met with the source on June 26, 2001, who left her business card with him at the meeting who he had copies of. He kept the business cards and made me copies which you have in your hand. I get her on the phone, introduce myself and immediately explain, you know, when I talk to these folks I don't ______ around, I said 'I'm trying to to confirm this meeting that you had'. She immediately said 'I believe the press office is handling this for you'. She was aware. So this agent who is

AJ: They've been having meetings about this. This is big medicine.

EH: Right, she was aware. I said 'look, I just want to confirm the meeting; I decided to call you directly' and she said to me 'I am not allowed to discuss this with you; I would get in trouble'.

AJ: And that right there where there's smoke there's fire. If they just said that, you know, 'this case is inconsequential' or 'no, I did not meet with him' or, no no no, she said 'I would get in trouble'. What was her tone like when she said that?

EH: She was very ____, you know, she wasn't rude or anything like that; she was like 'I will get in trouble, I'm not allowed to talk'

AJ: Did she say that with any passion, like 'I WILL GET IN TROUBLE'? I mean was she emotional or was it just real dry?

EH: No, it wasn't very dry. In fact she, if I recall, she might have even had somewhat of a l____ in the tone, kind of like 'what are you crazy? I'm not telling you anything'.

AJ: Well you know, if she was in Texas or 42 other states you could have recorded her, but you can't in the District of Columbia or in Maryland or Connecticut so you couldn't record her but it would be nice to have a recording of that.

EH: Right. I mean, and I tried to explain to them 'look, this isn't really about the FBI and it really isn't about any more evidence of prior knowledge'.

AJ: Yeah, 'did you meet with this guy? He says he met with you, he's given us your cards with handwritten notes on them'. You ought to have that, you know, get a copy of her handwriting, and then more, we have letters here from the Justice Department to this unnamed... is he a Israeli living in America or is he a Jewish American who was originally in Israel? Is he a citizen?

EH: I don't know his citizen status right now, but I believe at one time his citizen status he was here not as a citizen; I believe he's an Israeli living in America. This is the thing: he was asking for protection, he got the information.

AJ: Oh yeah, that's the key, go over that.

EH: These two letters that he received. He initially contacted the FBI, they told him 'if you have any information take it to your local North Division', 'cause he's in New Jersey. That's how he ended up in contact with those folks. He contacted them, and I have the dates in the article, and they said 'we'll send some agents out to you'. They never came. So he wrote back to the FBI and he said 'look,', you know, 'I have some compelling information I want to share with you but I need protection'. And, you know, I'm thinking, 'okay,' you know, 'this guy, IDF,' you know, 'has some inner workings of knowing how things really go down behind the scenes in government'. His request for protection I thought was prudent. And he was asking for that guarantee, and so he has two letters that he provided me that basically are coming from Arthur Radford Baker, Unit Chief Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, the FBI, saying, you know, 'we can't guarantee you anything'. In his letter he said 'if you're still concerned about your safety and believe that your local police are unable to help you, you may report your concerns to the New Jersey State Police'. This guy's worried about The Mossad, you know, and the FBI's telling him 'call your local cop'. It's insane. It really is insane.

AJ: So this is, this really is powerful evidence. Not just the phone call you made to the agent she said 'I'd get in trouble', you have the letters where he was seeking protection; you've now made those available to the world. And they say any concerns you have for your safety should be brought to the attention of your local or state law enforcement authorities since the FBI does not have the legal authority to provide you with personal protection and it says the cooperation and support of citizens like you are essential [to] the FBI in carrying out its investigative responsibilities and we are grateful for your offer to help in the fight against terrorism. Again, this is dated before 9/11, March 28, 2001. 'If you become aware of information which you believe would be of investigative interest to the FBI, you may wish to contact our Newark office at the address below since that office is responsible for overseeing FBI operations in your area.' The next letter, there's another letter here, this time from June 20th. Now we're getting up to within a few months of the attacks.

EH: Right, and he received, what's interesting is the June 20th letter he received on June 26th, the day that Agents Gritz and Spengel originally came to see him. They come to see him, he presents them with these letters and says 'look, I got some information. I can't tell you the details unless you can guarantee me protection'. He describes Agents Gritz and Spengel as being kind of outraged by this rejection of any protection for this individual coming from the higher echelons of the FBI.

AJ: And we know that again from Texas to Phoenix, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, all over the country FBI agents weren't allowed and were blocked from investigating all of these red flags that were popping up. But he didn't stop there, did he?

EH: Well he, what happened was they... The first thing is he spoke highly of those two agents and he said that they spent two to three hours with him and they tried to gain the information. He said 'look, what I can tell you, I can't tell you everything, but I will tell you that the information I have involves a terror strike in New York city and it involves airplanes. If you want more information, I need a guarantee of protection.' He didn't tell them what he heard in that cemetery.

AJ: Now, now, let's be clear here. We know that other people made warnings: flight school chiefs said 'look, these guys don't want to know how to land, or take off', FBI agents said in reports 'they may want to fly planes into the World Trade Center'. This was out in the few months before 9/11, 'cause they were getting it from so many different sectors. I've gotten so much chatter on it, I went on TV and said they'll probably attack the world trade centres and blame it on Bin Laden. So I mean old Alex Jones, folks, was getting this chatter, and hearing 'a big event's about to happen. Where have they hit before, Alex?', that's what my sources were saying. Well, I knew where they'd hit before: the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver in New York in '93 with the first attack. And then you have Odigo, the Israeli instant message company, that's mainstream Israeli news, folks, where it comes from, admitting 'yeah we got a call telling people to not go to work or get out of the building'. You have the Arab kids on record saying that those buildings won't be there next week. You have printed calendars showing it. I mean everybody knew that this was going on. Now, any other tidbits that have come out since you wrote this over the weekend? Any other little developments that people need to know about?

EH: Well I'm, what I'm working on right now is I'm going to do the Freedom of Information Act request just for the formality of it. I'm going to try to get this individual to come public. What's interesting is that after the event, after 9/11, nobody from the FBI came back to this guy, nobody came back to him to say 'hey, maybe we missed something. Can you tell us what you knew?'. Which is in his mind just confirms that this thing, you know, isn't the way the government told us.

AJ: When you talked to him, from what he heard and what he's seen, who does he think did the attacks? I mean does this show Israeli support, Israeli total involvement or I mean to him what did that - and that weird thing, you know, that cryptic statement about you know, the Arabs don't know that we're using them, that they're being set up, you know, they're so stupid. What was the exact quote?

EH: Ah, let me see. That yeah, that they don't realise that they're being used, that they're so stupid. I think this, based on what I've gained from this individual he, you know, he definitely believes that it was a, you know, maybe not just Israeli intelligence, but like you said at the beginning of the show, it's a conglomeration of Intelligence agencies that come together. Israelis obviously knew about it. He thinks that there is a relationship between what he heard and being in Newark area and the Urban Moving Systems story, the five Israelis that were -

AJ: Yeah, how close to all of that, right across the water is this cemetery?

EH: I didn't do exact distances yet. I looked at, from New York to the cemetery it was 13 miles. -

AJ: So it's right there.

EH: Yeah, I mean it's pretty feasible that -

AJ: Newark is only about 12 miles.

EH: Right, and the, you know what, the, one of the -

AJ: Well I guess the outskirts are 'cause I've been on trains there.

EH: One of the quotes at the end of the article is that, you know, they talk about, I go back to the Urban Moving Systems and one of the employees who's on record from the Systems saying, you know, he's in tears on the morning of 9/11 and his Israeli co-workers are laughing and joking, and he's on record, this former Urban Moving Systems employee, as saying, you know, one of these Israelis said, you know, 'now you know what it's like to live with terrorism', and I thought well that's a, when I found that quote, and tying it in with what this individual said he overheard in October of 2000, I said 'well that's striking, you know, to get America to understand what it's like to live with terrorism'.

AJ: You might go dig this up: The bizarre Burgan County police chief, they have a police chief in the county there, who I had on, what, two years ago, who said we should all be made to take chips. Remember that? I don't know if you ever saw that. I didn't even know it and then one of my people rang(?) and said 'do you know that's the same county? He's the guy that arrested the van full of the Israelis for jumping up and down.', and I brought that up and he didn't want to talk about it.

EH: Really?

AJ: Yeah, he said 'yeah, it was weird; yeah, we did arrest them; yeah, they were celebrating; yeah, this did happen', and then boy, they all moved out of there real, real quick and that ties in with the camera and the jumping up and down. I tell ya, this story turns out - and we know he contacted them, we know they admit that these letters were sent; they won't say about what. We know from his side. You know, there's a rule in this: if you've told your story and you've gone public and you're out in the open they normally won't kill you; it makes you a lot safer because, you know, dead men tell no tales, but once you've put your story out a dead man becomes a martyr and truly certifies and vets the story and I talk to you; you said he knows he's in great danger and that he was approached out of the blue which(?) someone that, you know, he's all secretive about this who was bringing this up to him last week, and that was before there was even a story, meaning that your phone calls to the FBI had already spurred something obviously back in to the intelligence apperature. Tell us about that.

EH: We had a conversation, maybe an hour and a half long, maybe a week and a half ago, and then I called him two days later because I had a follow-up question that I needed to get an answer to and he had said that between those two conversations that he was approached by an individual in his neighbourhood who he never saw before, well dressed, well spoken and very friendly, and this individual comes up to him and starts talking to him, you know, about specific information that isn't the type of information you would bring up in a conversation you meet with a stranger on the street. He felt convinced that, you know, he said in a very matter of fact way 'our conversations are being listened to', which you know, he lives with that, and, you know, one of the pieces, Alex, is what, you know, Senator Graham -

AJ: Tell you what: stay there, stay there. Final segment with Ed Haas, let's talk about it when we get back. Folks, stay with us.


AJ: Welcome back. Final segment here with Ed Haas. We gotta get him back up later this week and we're working on getting the individual. He knows his name, he's interviewed him, he's talked to him, he's vetted it. It's really scary. I hope that it turns out to be some elaborate hoax. Even if it is, it's some government op. to discredit, and it doesn't look like that at this time; it fits in with all the same MO, the prior knowledge, everybody locally hearing about it. This is somebody this is where the story started, somebody like this locally who actually overhear the source of it. In the last four minutes we've got left, any other key areas we haven't covered, Ed Haas?

EH: Well I think one of the most intriguing things is, you know, quotes from Senator Graham from Florida in intelligence reports and his quotes were printed in some magazines. He said 'I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing, although that was part of it, by a sovereign government. It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now.' And, you know, as an American citizen, I don't like that. If - that information shouldn't be held from the public. I want to know who that sovereign government was. I think it -

AJ: Well, this individual - well I agree - this individual, Ed Haas, obviously isn't stupid. He has to know now you've contacted the FBI, they've had high level meetings, you've gotten calls, you know, all this stuff is going on, he needs to go public, and I know that - I'll be here in the studio, we can do a taped interview with you and he whenever you want. I'd rather do it live. We need to stay in contact. When the show ends I'll give you my cell phone number. We need to get him on the air; I need to talk to him today, tomorrow at the latest; we need to get him out in public and, I mean, that will protect him to a much greater extent; that's what every analyst, every person who's been in covert ops has told us, that's what history shows. I mean, he's got to understand that now he's gone public he'd better make a big splash and do it now.

EH: Yep, and I'm going to contact him tonight and I'm going to give him your contact information and we're going to see if we can get this done. I'm concerned for him.

AJ: Well he's got to know it's dangerous now that you wrote the article. I mean, what does he think of the story?

EH: He does. He does know it's dangerous.

AJ: And so this was somebody that knew him locally that contacted you, and that's how it happened?

EH Actually, yeah. A friend of his who's a reader of The Muckraker report and she had e-mailed me saying 'I really need you to talk to this individual', and that's how the whole thing started.

AJ: Well that's what's great about the alternative media; I can't follow up every story I hear about, I can't call every lead, you can't, but with thousands of alternative sites and reporters and people out there we're really giving the globalists a run for their money. Are you concerned, Ed? Because this is pretty dangerous, what you're doing.

EH: I don't care, I really don't, I mean I, you know, truth is truth -

AJ: Live free or die?

EH: That's me, baby. I mean, the truth is the truth. -

AJ: Well I'll tell ya, I agree, you were in more danger before you got this out. Man, when you were calling the FBI last week and having all these conversations.

EH: Yep.

AJ: This is serious business. Alright, well I'll talk to you when we end here in about 45 seconds. Ed Haas, anything else you want to add?

EH: Just thanks so much for getting this story out, Alex.

AJ: Oh no, thank you and the We've got it all mirrored up on We'll have a big report on this tonight at and A lot of big stories up on There's a lot of stuff there every day that you won't see on the other sites, so be sure and check it out as well as Back tonight, nine to midnight. Back tomorrow, eleven to two. This is The Genesis Network. Now get out there and take on the new world order. God bless you all.